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Independent sales agents achieve success in part based on the relationships they build. This means not only building client relationships that yield great sales opportunities but also building relationships with customers that last beyond the point of sale. The most successful sales professionals will achieve in part because of who they are, and in part because of the great merchant services products they sell.

Merchant services resellers operate in a sales niche that can offer a great deal in this regard. Every company that sells something requires payment processing and other services that allow them to conduct transactions every day. When you partner with independent sales organizations that offer great technology and excellent service in merchant services, you will find opportunities that can take you as far as you are willing to go.

What Merchant Services Resellers Do

Companies in every industry build their business through sales. No matter how great the ideas a company has, no matter how eager customers are to buy, they have to be able to process the transactions. Merchant services resellers take them the technology they need to process each one, whether in person or online. A merchant services suite will run the required communications between purchaser and seller banks, allowing transactions to go through with every sale.

In effect, then, merchant services resellers take these products to the companies that need them. You need to understand the technology and the process, as well as being ready to stand behind it. The best independent sales organizations support their merchant services resellers with customer service to help when things go wrong, and with education for the sales agents themselves to stay on top of evolving technology.

What Merchant Services Partners Offer for Customers

What customers look for in payment processing and other merchant services is simplicity. They want their transactions to go through quickly and accurately. Further, they want to be able to get up and running without too much hassle, and for small businesses, often with as little up-front expense as possible. Finally, they want to get quick, effective service when things go wrong. Because even the best technology requires updates and repairs, they need someone standing behind the product able to help.

As merchant services resellers, you want to provide all of this for your customers. The top independent sales organizations partner with agents to get in front of any issues that arise. The products should work well and regularly, not only to process payments but to calculate total revenue and send processing fees all day, every day. And merchant services resellers that can offer products that do this improve their relationships with end customers when they can back it up with partners who provide the best service on their accounts. Rather than a one-off customer, the service behind the products you sell will help give you long-term customers.

Finally, for some small businesses, the cost of these services represents a steep start-up cost. Merchant services resellers, partnered with the right ISOs and clients, can offer an advance and split funding to cover the cost of the system. You can offer for your customer's options to divide revenues between the customer and your independent sales organization until the cost is repaid, allowing the customer access to revenue and your organization access to a broader customer base.

Benefits for Merchant Services Resellers

This niche allows lucrative opportunities for the best merchant services resellers. The split funding of advances helps you reach a huge segment of the business population, rather than just the relatively small proportion with strong up-front capitalization. This, combined with the potential market of every business that sells anything, opens up a tremendous opportunity for you to grow your customer list.

In addition, merchant services resellers offer a product that continues through the payment processing fee structure to provide residual commission income well beyond the point of sale. Customers often use the hardware, software, and service in a single package for years after the initial purchase. Every sale that customer makes a credit or debit transaction sends residuals back. A large group of customers running payments through the systems you sell them creates not only individual commission payments up front, but a stream of income that bolsters your bottom line, potentially well past your own retirement.

The best sales professionals can sell anything they understand. But merchant services resellers who partner with great clients and independent sales organizations have built-in advantages over their peers who work in more limited niches. Your ability to earn grateful customers and long-term income far surpass almost any other area of sales work. Merchant services resellers still must work hard to succeed, but their opportunity to turn that work into professional success is almost unparalleled.