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Independent Sales Organizations

Independent Sales Organizations Explained

Independent Sales Organizations, also known as ISOs, are contracted sales teams that solicit merchant services on behalf of credit card member banks (also known as acquiring banks).  As part of their contract, Independent Sales Organizations hire and train commissioned salespeople, customer service representatives and hardware technicians in various geographical markets across the country.  Their main objective is to sell merchant services to online and offline businesses looking to process credit cards.

Acquiring banks who contract with Independent Sales Organizations are financial institutions that act as the middle-man between credit card companies (i.e., Visa and MasterCard) and the merchants (local businesses) using their credit card processing services (also known as merchant account services). The acquiring banks are responsible for settling the credit card authorization requests of the merchants' credit card transactions over the course of their daily business.

Said differently, "ISO" is a merchant services term describing the business relationship between an acquiring member bank (i.e., Visa or MasterCard member bank) and the sales organization contracted to support it.  As part of the sales and support process, ISOs help new and existing clients with the setup and maintenance of their account. They also teach them strategies on how to optimize the customer buying experience, show them how to reduce their rates and fees, and help them decide between purchasing or leasing merchant processing equipment.

In addition to merchant services, the top Independent Sales Organizations also offer global payment processing solutions; including all types of point of sale (POS) equipment, mobile and online processing terminals, credit and debit card processing, electronic check conversion, merchant cash advance programs, business discounts, loyalty/gift card programs, terminal management and global acquiring solutions. 

Independent Sales Organizations Represent Acquiring Member Banks

As mentioned, Independent Sales Organizations are contracted by credit card acquiring member banks to build new relationships with potential merchants on behalf of the bank. It is a highly vetted and extremely trusted position that ISO's are in, as acquiring banks rely heavily on Independent Sales Organizations to be the front lines of their outside sales efforts.  They are relied upon to create effective marketing and sales processes that successfully solicit credit card processing and other merchant account services to local businesses for a fee or percentage of sales.

Independent Sales Organizations recruit, train, and equip "independent sales agents" (also referred to as 3rd party contractors, or "Sales Partners") with everything they need to effectively represent the ISO's credit card member banks.

The best Independent Sales Organizations provide their sales agents (merchant-level salespeople) with maximum revenue opportunities, attractive commission rates, aggressive revenue sharing plans, and lifetime sales residuals. Moreover, with a focus on security, product development, and deployment innovation, the best ISO companies also provide the best for their clients by investing in the future of payments systems, with the goal being to maximize their client's revenues by providing safer and smarter merchant payment solutions.

Local Business Owners and Merchants are The Benefactors

As contracted third-party representatives, ISO sales agents work directly with local business owners offering the ISO's contracted merchant services solutions. Independent Service Organizations (ISO) are sales agents who work with all types of small and medium-sized businesses, including retail merchants, brick and mortar merchants, and online commerce businesses.

The best ISO companies sell more than just credit and debit card processing services. The best ISOs equip their salespeople with innovative merchant products designed to increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer attrition. Popular ISO companies provide their salespeople with the "tools of success," such as attractive credit card processing rates, merchant lending options, all types of POS terminal and hardware leasing, and most important strategic sales training.

In addition, these respected Independent Sales Organizations also provide their salespeople with the ability to offer payment acceptance services, high-tech niche payment solutions, merchant services compliance strategies and risk management training, reconciliation and chargeback/dispute resolution services, end-to-end funding services, Next Day Funding, comprehensive statements and reporting, 24/7 client care, technical support and PCI technical help.

ISO Program - Powering Your Success

Pivotal Payments is a leading provider of technology-driven global payment processing solutions to the point of sale, B2B, and ecommerce industries. Our proprietary solutions include card not present, integrated POS and mobile payments that deliver efficiency and profitability to businesses across all sales channels and platforms.

With a focus on security and fueled by continuous investment in research, product development, and innovation, we are shaping the future of payment processing. With over 550 employees in offices across North America and Canada, our goal is to maximize our clients' revenues and performance by empowering them with safer and smarter transactions.

Compensation Packages

With Pivotal Payments, earning maximum revenue has never been easier. Our valued Sales Partners offer a multitude of merchant processing services in both the United States and Canada. Our platform allows for growth and helps our partners achieve their goals.

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Our Proprietary Products

Pivotal offers a full suite of product and technology offerings. Our valued Sales Partners have the opportunity to sell more than just credit and debit card processing. We are looking for solid sales professionals who want an opportunity to build a true residual based business. For more information about Pivotal Payments' Partner Program, download our ISO Program Guide or call 866 467-2688.