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Payment Facilitator (PayFac) Program:
PayFac Connect

Easily Add Payment Processing to your Software, Service or App

Enable your user base to easily accept payments when signing up for your service or platform. Reduce the risk and complexity of aggregating payments, while attracting and retaining more clients. Plus, activate an additional revenue stream for your organization.

No lengthy signups or complex requirements from third party merchant account providers. PayFac Connect is a flexible, all-in-one solution that easily enables your organization to provide seamless and frictionless online or in-app payments. Our best of breed technology and access to APIs and SDKs offer a variety of integration options.

Enable Seamless

Automatically enables payment processing immediately upon signing up for an organization's core service or platform.

Drive Frictionless

Real-time, API-driven onboarding reduces complexity, cost and time to market, and ensures a frictionless onboarding experience.


Ensures organizations meet card brand guidelines and comply with all regulations for payment aggregation.

Simple to Integrate, Automated Merchant Onboarding

Integrate the boarding process with your platform easily via API or hosted enrolment, collecting all required information during the initial signup. Track each enrolment from start to finish with real-time notifications and monitor progress in our dashboard. Our easy, automated underwriting process can enable near-instant bank approvals. It's as simple as that! Once boarded, your clients can begin transacting immediately!

Customizable Program Levels Offer Scalable Risk and Control

Lowest Risk, Quickest to Implement

The quickest and easiest way to board new clients. At this level, we take care of the basic requirements with co-branded enrolment, managed underwriting and funding.

Let us handle the payment process while you take care of building your client base.

  • Full PayFac sponsorship
  • Card brand registration and reporting
  • Transaction reporting
  • Chargeback reporting and management
  • Managed funding and billing for all accounts
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Flexibility to Choose, A La Carte Service Mix

Balance risk and control. This level provides you with flexibility by delivering an à la carte service mix.

You can select the options that will benefit your organization’s risk threshold.

  • Full PayFac sponsorship
  • Customizable client enrolment
  • Share in the underwriting process
  • Greater control of funding
  • Ability to manage chargebacks
  • Other customizable options available
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Full Control and Associated Risks

You have the ability to manage all merchant activities at this level. However, along with full control, all risk is shifted to your organization.

If your business requirements are more complex, our developers can custom engineer a solution that’s right for you.

  • Full PayFac sponsorship
  • Full liability for underwriting, risk, charge-backs
  • Direct client care required
  • Compliance and regulatory reporting necessary
  • Customizable enrolment process, TOS, and pricing
  • Direct client funding required
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