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Partner with a leader in the merchant services industry. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible platform allowing for more sales, long term revenue and financial freedom. As a valued Sales Partner, we can offer you every tool you need to succeed.

Independent Sales Agent (ISA) Program

The bonuses in our Independent Sales Agent Program are second to none. Benefit from our multiple bonus lines and improve your cash flow with weekly payouts. Receive profitability, volume accumulator and activation bonuses. Our Partner Program rewards you with both short and long term capital that you can invest back into your business.

Independent Sales Agent Program
  • Choice of revenue share programs
  • 100% application fee revenue
  • Upfront capital to invest back into your business
  • Financial rewards for early activity, deal flow & profitability
  • Signing bonuses also payable on month to month contracts
  • PC and tablet eApp with eSignature
  • Free terminal program
  • Attrition management bonus
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Independent Sales Office (ISO) Program

Our Independent Sales Office Program is designed for ISOs writing 30 or more deals per month. With aggressive buy rates and a revenue sharing, this program rewards high application count and volume, providing our sales partner with lucrative long term revenue.

Independent Sales Office Program
  • 100% above buy rate program
  • Aggressive buy rates
  • White label solutions
  • ISO registration support/sponsorship
  • Robust back office reporting and support
  • Lucrative buyout options
  • No liability
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Powerful Compensation Programs

With Pivotal Payments, earning maximum revenue has never been easier. Our valued Sales Partners can offer a multitude of merchant processing services across North America. Our platform allows for rapid growth and helps our partners achieve their ultimate goals.

  • Aggressive compensation programs with maximum incentive opportunities
  • Competitive buy rates and revenue shares
  • Lifetime residuals

Monthly Income Opportunity

revenue chart for monthly income opportunity *Assumes annual revenue in year two, with a $12,000 merchant volume at $65 AVT, 0.7% and $84 gross profitability.

Acquisition Opportunity

Pivotal appreciates the value of your portfolio. Grow and leverage your existing portfolio for a profitable buyout opportunity. Earn significant capital so that you can re-invest back into your business or achieve your goals on your own terms.

  • Lucrative buyout terms
  • Added incentives based on sales commitment
  • Efficient acquisition review/discovery process with quick time to close