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Branding And Registration

Custom Branding Solutions Tailored For Your Organization

A full suite of à la carte merchant services, including fully branded solutions and white label support. We support our Sales Partners throughout the entire ISO registration process to enable advantages such as tailored branding, enhanced access to data, control of merchant billing, application and terms of service, plus back office processes.

Promote your brand by adding your corporate identity to applications and statements, terminal kitting and merchant reporting. We provide full ISO registration sponsorship for qualified partners, plus assistance with compliance management.

Branded Solutions & White Label Support

Empower your brand and corporate identity with our branded solutions and white label support. Your merchants and sub-agents will feel like they are engaged directly with you, not a third party processor. Receive solutions that include:

Branded Solutions & White Label Support
  • Branded merchant applications and statements
  • Branded welcome kits and terminal decals
  • Branded online sales portal and merchant reporting dashboard
  • Branded version of our WebApp digital application tool
  • White label client care, paperwork and merchant communications
  • Assistance with phone tree setup for inbound call routing
  • Dedicated toll-free number
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Legal & Paperwork Assistance

Qualified partners have access to ISO registration sponsored by Pivotal Payments, plus assistance with compliance management. This provides seamless third party agent registration, enabling you to begin selling under your own brand, quickly and easily.

Legal & Paperwork Assistance
  • Ensures due diligence by complying with card brand regulations
  • Assistance with background checks and DBA filing documentation
  • Support is provided for PCI DSS and other security standards
  • Agent registration fees are covered for qualified Sales Partners
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Enhanced Access & Services

Receive back-office management access to real-time merchant data. Benefit from full system access to key, submit and board merchant applications. Plus, receive additional access to build your own files.

Enhanced Access & Services
  • Manage all merchant downloads – you are in full control
  • Access new terminal types and app versions
  • Increase productivity with real-time merchant transaction data
  • View clearing and settlement information, plus merchant statements
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And Much More...

Rapid Approvals

Streamlined underwriting & auto-approval for low risk accounts.

Sales & Marketing

Customizable marketing material for numerous sales verticals.


Email alerts, educational seminars and product webinars.

Back Office Support

Data entry department for all your faxed or e-mailed apps.