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The Benefits Enjoyed by Independent Sales Agents Selling Merchant Services

The Benefits Enjoyed by Independent Sales Agents Selling Merchant Services

What it Takes to Be Successful as an Independent Sales Agent Selling Merchant Services

Sales are the backbone of every industry, including the merchant services industry. If you look at any successful merchant account services company, the sales team is always a key factor in their success. In order to compete and thrive in such a highly competitive industry, many merchant account companies employ an army of independent sales agents to help facilitate growth and ensure longevity--yet many people don’t have a clue as to what independent sales agents really do. 

Independent sales agents are sales professionals who are contracted by a payment processing company to work on a commission basis. They are offered a percentage of the sales they make during a specified period as compensation for their work. While there are multiple contract and operating arrangements, most independent sales agents work from their own home, or a location of their choice, and travel to clients on an as-needed basis. They are expected to work independently in their day-to-day operations.

Independent Sales Agents Selling Credit Card Processing Services

Independent sales agents offering to sell the best credit card processing services to small and medium-sized business play a vital role in the merchant services industry. With the right relationships and training, they can produce very profitable outcomes; especially when an independent sales agent is representing a reputable full-service merchant account service company.

It may seem to some experienced salespeople that "independent sales" is a risk. However, before a savvy salesperson makes a determination of risk, we recommend they consider both the risks along with the rewards. There are many rewards associated with working as an independent sales agent when representing a trusted a respected payment processing organization. Consider the following rewards enjoyed by successful independent sales agents who sell merchant account services to businesses of all kinds:

Flexibility: Independent sales agents are offered flexibility that is not commonly found in salaried positions; whether inside or outside of the industry. Instead of heading to work at a set time, and leaving at a set time, independent sales agents are offered the autonomy to work when and where is most convenient for them and their clients.

This level of flexibility can create a much sought after work-life balance. Since work can be conducted at a time that is beneficial to the agent, it is easier to fit in day-to-day home responsibilities. 

To many sales agents, flexibility to control their own schedule is a benefit they desire almost as much as compensation.  However, it would be remiss not to mention that many agents in the merchant services arena work long hours. Therefore, before considering selling merchant services full time, you need to be a motivated self-starter who is confident in being able to manage your time wisely and be proactive in setting and keeping appointments.

Income Growth: As an independent sales agent selling merchant services, your income is will be determined by the merchant services company you represent, the amount you work, and your sales skills. While it can be scary for some people to give up “guaranteed money” in the form of a salary, independent sales agents do have the ability of creating a high-income stream, as long as they represent a high-quality company providing the top merchant account services, are willing to work hard, and they have the skills to compete in a fast-paced sales environment.

Be Your Own Boss without Being Self-Employed: Those who are in traditional salaried sales jobs have someone they must report to within the company. But independent agents are afforded "independence" and exercise the freedom to act as their own boss and profit.

In many ways, as an independent sales agent representing an Independent Sales Organization selling merchant services, you are your own boss, as long as you deliver (make sales and serve the customer better than anyone else). An independent sales agent is like "being your own boss" but without taking on the total risk of owning your own business.

However, the skills you gain as an independent sales agent are applicable, if you do someday, decide to open your own Independent Sales Organization to scale your operation even larger. Plus, there are plenty of transferable skills that are earned in merchant service sales that have taken agents into a variety of different industries.

It is important to remember if you are considering becoming a merchant services reseller, that it is not without risks. Even if you sell the very best merchant account services, in the end, the independent sales agent is mainly responsible for creating his or her own success. Your first step is to learn how to succeed independently and forgo the safety nets associated with a salaried sales position as an employee of a company.

Hone Your Skills: Successful merchant service sales agents are individuals who know how to establish and maintain relationships, create opportunities and think innovatively, while being super organized. These skills are honed over many years in the sales field but are absolutely essential for success as an independent sales agent. Every industry imaginable is looking for employees who know how to motivate themselves and who can think independently and innovative. The skills that independent sales agents must have in order to succeed are also very desirable in many fields and across multiple industries. 

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