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How to Find Companies Looking for Independent Sales Agents

How to Find Companies Looking for Independent Sales Agents

Written by Mo Abdulai, in Category Latest Articles

Finding a partner company that is looking to hire independent sales agents doesn't have to be hard. Due to the unique structure and nature of this job, there are some websites and other resources you can use to identify independent sales opportunities. Here are a few tips for how to find companies that are looking for independent sales agents, and how to start applying for positions right away: 

General Job Finder Websites

The internet is a vast place full of many opportunities. Many websites now exist to pull all of those opportunities together and display them in a way that is easily searchable and user-friendly. For instance, websites like Indeed and LinkedIn provide tons of links to independent sales agent positions that have opened up in your area. This is important because these sites also tend to offer networking opportunities so you can find other people who are already working as agents and get a feel for how things are going. By searching the term "independent sales representatives" you will find dozens of local ISOs that are currently seeking new agents. 

Sales Specific Job Sites

If you're already pretty familiar with independent sales and you're simply looking for a fresh agency to work with, you might want to try a job site that is a little more narrow in focus. For instance, CommissionCrowd.com, SalesGravy, and similar sites cater specifically to those who want to be independent. This will save you a lot of time weeding through MLM and other unrelated jobs because you are among seasoned professionals who know what they really want out of a job opportunity. 

Job Review Sites

Of course, most companies know how to make a job look appealing on a job board, but when push comes to shove, there can be some really important differences between ISOs. Perusing a job review site like GlassDoor.com can give you a much better idea of what you're in for. This site allows current and former employees to leave reviews about management, salary data, and even suggestions for how things could be better. This is information you will want to keep handy as you decide which ISO you want to become an agent for. 

National Searches

There are currently several major players in the ISO industry. Many of them have a national presence and are hiring at all times. If you aren't finding what you're looking for on any of the above sites, it might be worth searching Google for Independent Sales Organizations and checking out the top results. You will find links to some of the most competitive and active companies in the nation, and you can go through their sites to determine if they have room for you in your area. This is also a good place to gather further data about commission rates and support structures about the companies that you found on the sites above. All of this information should be used when you apply for positions. 

With just those four tools you should be able to find a wide range of job opportunities for independent sales agents of any experience level. In fact, by combining these resources you can gather valuable intel about how each company differs from the others and make an informed decision about the best company for your needs and goals. The good news is there's no shortage of jobs out there for independent sales agents how are motivated and ready to learn in a competitive market space. Just head online, start your search and take notes as you apply for jobs directly through these websites. The process is quick and simple and you will start getting calls back in the near future.