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How to Become a Payment Aggregator in 6 Easy Steps with PayFac Connect

How to Become a Payment Aggregator in 6 Easy Steps with PayFac Connect

Written by Shannon LeDuff, in Category Latest Tech News

Payment Facilitator Connect enables a full payment facilitation experience so software companies and organizations with clients requiring payment acceptance can rapidly, safely and easily integrate credit and debit card processing directly into their signup process. Pivotal Payments provides the technology and framework to easily enable sub-merchant payments so that clients do not need to open or maintain traditional merchant accounts. Payment Facilitator Connect aggregates transaction processing for an organization’s sub-merchants.  It also manages the risks and responsibilities associated with the payment process, ensuring organizations meet card brand guidelines and comply with regulations for payment aggregation.

Payment Facilitator Connect enables seamless payments by activating payment processing immediately upon signing up for an organization's core service or platform. A real-time, API-driven onboarding or hosted enrollment process allows for faster time to market and ensures a smoother payment enablement experience. As a fully white-labeled solution, clients see only the organization’s branding during signup, making the entire process frictionless. The innovative payment facilitator platform provides automated underwriting for fast-tracking approvals while screening submissions with government agencies and financial crime data to identify potential fraud.

With Payment Facilitator Connect, You Can Become a Payment Aggregator in 6 Easy Steps:

  1. Registration: Once you join our program, we'll do all the work for you to become a payment aggregator. Our all-in-one payment facilitator solution offers full support including bank sponsorship, legal framework, card brand registration and reporting.
  2. Setup: Customize payment and other preferences, plus track new client submissions and all transaction activities in our portal. Need help along the way? A dedicated Account Rep is available to provide assistance.
  3. Account Management: Manage logins, permissions and track all submissions that come through Payment Facilitator Connect. Receive real-time status alerts. Customize portal settings for your employees and accounts.
  4. Integration: Integrated client boarding to your website or app via API or a customizable Hosted Application form.
  5. Approvals: Approvals can be processed in near real-time. All submissions are screened to ensure compliance with fraud prevention and financial crime agencies. Once clients are activated, they can begin accepting payments.
  6. Tracking: Track every transaction including funding, billing and chargebacks through our robust back-office dashboard or via API.

No lengthy signups or complex requirements from third party merchant account providers. Payment Facilitator Connect is a flexible, all-in-one solution that easily enables your organization to provide seamless and frictionless online or in-app payments. Our best of breed technology and access to APIs and SDKs offer a variety of integration options.

Payment Facilitator Connect's dedicated portal offers full submission tracking, sub-merchant accounting with detailed transaction reporting and analytics, plus customizable user access levels. The all-in-one payment aggregation platform also integrates electronic self-service chargeback handling and sub-merchant bank account funding.

For more information, visit our Payment Facilitator Connect Program page.