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How Believing In Yourself Can Up Your Sales Game

How Believing In Yourself Can Up Your Sales Game

Written by Allan Lacoste, in Category Soaring People

No salesperson in any field closes every sale. Some potential customers fear change or don't trust the product you sell, or just aren't ready to buy. Unfortunately, as noted on Entrepreneur.com, it is easy to dwell on your failures much more than your successes. This creates a loss of confidence that can negatively impact your results and create a dangerous cycle. Believing in yourself helps you avoid falling into that trap and achieve better results in your sales work.

Customers Respond Well to Confidence 

One of the keys to success comes from projecting confidence. When you make a sales call, a lapse in self-confidence comes across as a lack of confidence in the product or company you represent. Convincing someone to purchase from you requires that person to associate you with whatever you are selling. Without believing in yourself, it becomes very difficult to project that kind of confidence.

Preparing for Success

When you do outside sales work, preparation is a critical component of building your self-confidence. What you wear and how you carry yourself can help you look the part, and feeling good in how you look can give your self-confidence a boost. 

Beyond this, take the time to know all you can about your product or service, the company that provides it, and the customer to whom you are selling.

The more you know, the more confident you can be in answering questions, and even being able to ask the right questions when needed. You cannot know or anticipate everything, but the more you know going in, the more confidently you can respond to surprises that come up.

Making More Sales

Believing in yourself will not magically make everything work out. But it will help you by giving you the best chance to succeed in each sale. Even more than that, knowing you are ready to succeed helps you bounce back better from the sales you do not close. Approaching each sale with a belief and knowledge that you are ready and capable of doing what you must both helps you do better and projects to the potential customer a sense of strength in you—and in what you are selling. Believing in yourself serves as an important part of what can help you find success.