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7 Things Every Restaurant Owner Needs To Know About Card Processing

7 Things Every Restaurant Owner Needs To Know About Card Processing

Written by Christine Poliquin, in Category Latest Articles

Save thousands of dollars by understanding credit card processing. Restaurateurs need to become experts - and by doing so you will put more money into your pocket every day.

For most restaurant owners, credit card processing isn’t a hard or convoluted concept. Many restaurateurs simply set up with the first merchant service that comes along, and be on their way - there are more important things to attend to, right? Wrong! Credit card processing is an important part of operating the business. 

Too many restaurant owners do not know the intricate details of credit card processing, nor do they know all of the best options available to them - especially the options that could affect their bottom line.

Restaurant owners typically do not want to go through the hassle of researching rates from different credit card processing companies and therefore they sign up with the first company that comes along. Many times, to make things simple, they sign up with their bank, or a company they are familiar with. 

The problem is that food and beverage businesses end up paying thousands of dollars more than they should, and many don’t even know it.

The purpose of this article is to help restaurant owners develop a better understanding of credit card processing and then determine which option is best for them, not their current processor. The goal is to encourage business owners to dig a little deeper, go the extra mile, and find the best rates and overall business solutions - solutions that could save them thousands of dollars. 

Credit cards are the most common form of payment for most restaurants, and if understood and managed right, can add to greater profits while providing better customer service. 

Pay-at-the-Table with EMV - Restaurant Payment Solutions

Pay-at-the-Table with EMV - Restaurant Payment Solutions from Pivotal Payments on Vimeo.

If after reading the information below you are more confused than ever, please consider calling a merchant services representative with Pivotal Payments. Our job is to show you what you are currently paying, and let you know if we can find you a better rate (with enhanced merchant services). Our clients will tell you that Pivotal Payments provides incredible service  - because when your business is profitable, so is ours.

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